Malt Disley & Micro Pubs

Malt Disley is a family run 'micro-pub' in the centre of Disley village. At the Malt Disley you will find a variety of ales, beers, lagers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks, as well as selection of bar snacks. (Apologies no hot food). 

'Micro-pub'? What's a micro-pub? Let us explain....

It will not come as a shock to you that the British pub as we know it has sadly been in decline over recent years. All over Great Britain public houses are closing their doors for the last time at an alarming rate and the majority of them will never re-open again as pubs. As has happened here in Disley, houses now stand where traditional pubs once did.

However, there is still (and we hope there will always be!) people who enjoy a ‘quiet pint’ and thanks to the 2003 licensing act which permits the change of use from a shop (A1) to a public house (A4), the birth and rise of the micro-pub has been possible.

To date there are now over 200 micro-pubs scattered around the UK, each selling a variety of real ales. Stouts, Porters, Bitters, IPA, APA, Light Session Beers etc. We intend to bring you, our customer an ever-changing selection of locally and regionally sourced drinks to stop your taste-buds getting bored… (Although real ale is our passion, we realise that it’s not everybody’s so we will of course have a few alternatives on hand for those who prefer a quiet G&T for example).

So, we do different beers, but what else makes us different to any other pub?... The simple answer to that lies in the ethos of the micro-pub, the aim is to bring you a community-based independent bar, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with conversation and no electronic machines disturbing you (jukeboxes, fruit machines, gaming machines etc.) we will not compete with other local alcohol outlets, our aim is to bring you something different both in our products and our style… Don’t want to talk?... how about a quiet read of today’s papers to go with your pint? – we’ll have them in for you too. Your turn to walk the dog again?... We love dogs! and will even have a bar just for them (and don’t worry if anybody asks we haven’t seen you!)

Children are also welcome until 7.30 pm. 

Still not sure what its all about? 

Come in and see us!